EXCELLENCE IN EACH DETAIL Since 1987, by taking care of each detail, we have been building, tile by tile, the headquarters of big national and international companies, worldwide known boutiques, dream residences, and most recently, high-standard buildings. Along our history, we have delivered more than 2 thousand works, by becoming a reference regarding highly complex constructions after acquiring the know-how and excellence that conquered architects in Brazil.

We have a talented team in our foundation, professionals proud to act in the execution of projects for offices of companies like, Google, LinkedIn, Boehringer Ingelheim and Goldman Sachs; boutiques like Louis Vuitton, Diesel, Rolex, Sony and HStern; cinemas and buildings that follow the unique style of Lock, a building company always in the avant-garde of the market. 

MIISION Materialize projects and dreams of our customers flocking technology with the best quality and competitive cost.

VISION To be recognized as the best engineering company in the country in the segment it acts. 


QUALITY POLICY Quality, Punctuality, Excellence, are the focus of our organization. Aiming to highlight the market and satisfying our customers, we seek continuous improvement of processes and customized service, understanding the real needs of each client, respecting the enviroment and promoting all colaborators health.