Occupational Health and Safety Policy
Lock Engenharia makes the commitment of looking for Occupational Health and Safety excellence, by constantly improving life quality processes. We understand that the respect for the occupational safety and health of our employees and third parties are fundamental factors for building workers well-being.

Preliminary Risk Analysis
PRAs are made during the work in order to determine safety procedures;

D.S.D. Daily Safety Dialogue
The DSDs are daily applied by the worker in charge of each team, by using the risks involved in the activities of that day as a theme;

Depending on work scheduling, Safety training under different themes is performed:
PPEs and/or CPEs, Procedures, Hazard and Risk Surveys, Unsafe Acts and Conditions, the 5S, Working at Height, Confined Spaces, etc.

Occupational Safety Inspection
Safety Inspections will be performed daily.
The Safety Policy counts on an effective commitment of our high management, in the sense of encouraging the compliance with safety standards and continuous improvement, in order to contribute for the well-being and development of all.

The importance we give to this initiative stems from our commitment to keep a healthy lifestyle for our professionals beyond office walls, by encouraging their participation in sports practices like running, bicycle rides and walks.